Harry Kearney

Home country: USA
Home town: Telluride, CO
Home mountain: Telluride
Weight: 160 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 22in, +18° / +3°


Ultra smooth freerider and turn master + 2x Baker Banked Slalom and 3x Dirksen Derby champion

About Harry

Where is your favorite place to snowboard and why?

This is a hard question, but if I had to choose I would have to say my favorite place to ride is at home in Telluride. It's a home field advantage thing, but it also has so many special little nooks and crannies that nobody can find. It's scary and gnarly and high, but keeps me sharp. 

What has snowboarding or the mountains taught you?

Spending time in the mountains on my snowboard has taught me so much, and will never stop doing so. Patience is the biggest one. Adaptability, being observant, always staying humble, always seeking more knowledge and understanding. It goes well beyond snowboarding. 

Tell us about one incredible or influential snowboarding achievement or moment.

Strapping in on top of Denali and riding down the Messner was a big one. To give everything you have, surrounded by your friends, and for it to actually come together in such a glorious way is indescribable really.  

What are you passionate about besides snowboarding?

I'm incredibly lucky and privileged to explore my surrounding wilderness, and I'm very passionate about those wild places. I love fly fishing, surfing, and mountain biking. Skateboarding and music have always been with me too, and they inspire me in everything else I do. 

Harry's favorite gear

Ultracraft – 156

"It's tough to pick a singular favorite board, but the Ultrcraft is the board I look forward most to strapping back into. Its the board that I can lay into my hardest turns with and it's fast as hell. This is the board I dont have to think with, I just move and its there with me."

Solution – 161

"This is tried and true my go to splitboard for anything. Couloirs, high speed exits, cruising skintracks or setting my own. Love it."


"The NOW Skate Tech is sick, and the whole feel is customizable with the harder/softer bushings and flippable straps, and the highback profile is awesome."

Harry's gear of choice