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High powered body x board connection

July 3, 2020 / Gear release
Harry Kearney / Photo - Andrew Miller

Bindings are the critical link between your body and your board. The perfect binding hugs your boot with no pressure points and transfers every movement to your edges with maximum efficiency. When you are strapped into a binding that’s supremely comfortable and offers lightning fast response you can ride stronger and longer.

For 20/21 we are thrilled to debut an expanded and upgraded Jones binding collection designed to deliver such game changing all-day performance. The Apollo is a premium freeride binding built for riders who need maximum response in technical terrain and the Mercury is a freestyle/freeride binding designed for all-terrain riders who slash their way down the mountain. At the heart of both models is the NOW Skate Tech pivot system. NOW technology increases board control, decreases board chatter and let’s you ride with more power and less foot fatigue.

From the first day Jeremy Jones rode NOW SkateTech bindings he was convinced of their unmatched performance. Here’s why Jeremy thinks NOW SkateTech is so revolutionary:

"When I started snowboarding we were drilling our boards and bolting down our bindings at the edge of the board. When the four-hole pattern came out we were psyched to stop drilling our boards, but it was clear that the four-hole disc attached in the center of the board did not offer the same edge power as drilling and bolting. When JF showed me the first NOW prototype I instantly connected with the concept and understood how it would help boost edge power. Testing it confirmed everything I saw. The NOW design overcomes the limitations of the 4x4 insert pattern."

– Jeremy Jones

Jimmy Goodman / Photo - Andrew Miller

NOW SkateTech

Unlock ultimate response.

The NOW Skate Tech system transfers energy input to the edges using a pivoting lever point between the baseplate and binding.
The unique performance of NOW bindings comes from the dynamic design of the baseplate. Traditional bindings lose energy when the rigid baseplate flexes and bends unevenly against the mounting disc. The energy loss forces you to crank your straps tighter and ride with more forward lean to gain the same control. Uneven pressure and tight straps also lead to more foot pain.

NOW bindings transfer energy input evenly from the straps to the board edges by pivoting the baseplate on a post that holds the mounting disc. The baseplate is cushioned by rubber bushings that absorb chatter. By adding this dynamic suspension to the baseplate, the middle of your board flexes more uniformly and your feet stay more relaxed because the bindings transfer power to the board with less work. The bushings are also available in two different stiffnesses - soft + hard - for customized response.


The ultimate freeride binding.

The updated 20/21 Apollo binding is designed for the expert freerider who’s riding style demands a stiff and powerful binding that offers rock solid support on hard carves or steeps. What sets the Apollo apart is the Asym Carbon Flax Wide-Back that features an extended width upper section that locks in your boot top on toe side turns. The Wide-Back is also pre-rotated five degrees to better follow your leg angles as you bend and pivot. Matching the ultra responsive highback with NOW Skate Tech technology allows the Apollo to instantly react to your every muscle twitch. The 20/21 Apollo is also our most comfortable binding model ever thanks to our new Response Tri-Foam foot pillow plus low profile 3D Flex Fit toe straps.

The Apollo binding is available in two sizes: Medium (US 7-10.5), Large (US 10-13).

The Response Tri-Foam foot pillow is a premium full length foam footbed made with three different densities of EVA foam. The heel + toe are soft for max comfort, the center is mid-stiff for precise response and the bottom of the footbed is stiff for solid support.

The new 3D Flex Fit toe straps stretch to fit the exact shape of the toe of your boot. Made with a grippy and durable nylon, the straps stay locked where you place them and offer even pressure distribution for more comfort and better connection

The Apollo’s Flip-It Wide strap has a thin, wide profile that covers more of your boot for maximum response. It’s built around a 3D-injected core for solid support and a foam wrap for even pressure distribution and lateral flexibility.


The all-mountain free surf binding.

The updated 20/21 Mercury binding is designed for the all-mountain rider who needs supreme edge control and comfort balanced with a more maneuverable, medium stiff flex. It’s built to slash turns and tweak airs while offering the precision response you need for charging hard in any snow condition. New for 20/21, we’ve upgraded the Mercury with a new highback, toe strap and foot pillow, plus we’ve added a special Surf Series edition.

The Mercury binding is available in three sizes: Small (US 5-7.5), Medium (US 7-10.5), Large (US 10-13).

The Mercury’s new Comfort Foam foot pillow is a full length EVA foam footbed that maximizes binding comfort while minimizing foot fatigue. The 3D molded footbed surface offers supreme traction for any boot tread pattern and prevents snow build-up.

The Mercury’s new Control Flex highback is designed for balanced response and flex. The nylon highback has a wider lateral side for added toe side turn support, a stiff middle spine for carving performance and flexible side edges for freestyle performance.

The Mercury’s new 3D Flex Fit toe strap stretches to fit the exact shape of the toe of your boot. Made with a grippy and durable nylon, the strap stays locked where you place it and offers even pressure distribution for more comfort and better connection. The Flip-It Mid-wide ankle strap has a medium size profile for balanced response and tweak-ability. The stitched strap is built around a 3D-injected core for solid support and a foam wrap for even pressure distribution and lateral flexibility.

Nick Russell / Photo - Andrew Miller

Freeride mode vs Surf mode

Both Jones bindings models offer customizable dampening and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode. Surf Mode lets you tweak harder, while Freeride Mode keeps you locked in for maximum response. You can easily switch modes by changing the bushings from soft (Surf Mode) to hard (Freeride Mode) and swapping the Flip-It ankle straps between bindings. When the ankle strap is in Surf Mode the extended section of the strap is lower on the forefoot for maximum ankle flexibility. When the strap is in Freeride Mode the wide section rests higher on your ankle for more lateral support and board response.

The Mercury Surf Series binding is available in two sizes: Medium (US 7-10.5), Large (US 10-13).

Mercury Surf Series

New for 20/21 we now offer a Mercury Surf Series edition that comes set up with soft bushings and the ankle straps positioned in Surf Mode. This special edition also features a tie dye graphic on the highback that matches the vibes of our Surf Series board collection.

Your riding style will define whether the Apollo or Mercury is your perfect binding. If you like a taller, stiffer highback for maximum control at speed then the Apollo is for you. If you like a mid-high, mid-stiff highback that’s more ideal for freestyle, go for the Mercury.

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Apollo Apollo


The ultimate freeride binding

Price $ 499.95
Mercury Mercury


The all-mountain, free surf binding

Price $ 349.95

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