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Learn what snowboarding stances the Jones Ambassador team is running and why.

April 30, 2019 / Meet the team
Jimmy Goodman / Photo – Andrew Miller

Since the pioneering days of the sport, different snowboard stances have defined different snowboard styles.

Some stances are better for carving, other stances are better for stomping airs and riding switch. Finding the stance that best fits your riding style will take some experimenting, but you can get a jump start by referencing the stance of a pro rider or friend who’s riding style you find inspiring. Chances are, if that stance works for them, it just might work for you too.

Here’s a rundown of the stances used by a few of our talented ambassadors with details on if and how they ever adjust their riding stance:

Elena Hight

Elena Hight is a former US Olympic Halfpipe team rider who is now focused on freeriding and backcountry snowboarding.

Height 5’1" (155cm)
Front +18° / Back 0°
Width 19.5in (49.5cm)

"My stance gives me stability and comfort on my board. When i’m riding comfortably my style can shine though. Sometimes I mess around with the angles just to do it, to try something different, feel different on my board, but usually I come back to my tried and true pretty quickly!" - Elena Hight

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is a pioneering freerider + snow surfer and the father of two ripping groms. He rides a lot of different boards and runs a very diverse stance program. He changes his stance by the feel of the day on every board he rides. By changing his stance he looks to accentuate the performance of that model/size board and avoid creating the same wear points in his joints.

Height 5’8" (173cm)

Jeremy’s High Performance Freeride Stance:
Front +27° / Back 0° to +6°
Width 22in (56cm)

Jeremy’s Surf Series Stance:
Front +27° to +30° / Back +6° to +12°
Width 17.5-20 in (44.5-60cm)

Iris Lazzareschi

Iris Lazz is a powerful freerider who rips resort and backcountry. She also switches it up between soft boots and hard boots.

Height 5’8" (173cm)
Front +18° / Back +3°
Width 21in (53.4cm)

"Every once in a while, if I’m riding the resort a lot, I’ll change my stance to see if it fits my style better. Riding style is so dynamic that sometimes I’ll create a habit that makes a different stance feel better than an old one. I also run a different stance on my hard boot splitboard set up. I set the width narrower with a little more positive angle on the back foot." - Iris Lazz

Jimmy Goodman

Jimmy Goodman is an all-mountain master with serious carving, park and steeps skills.

Height 5’10" (178cm)
Front +23° to +29° / Back 0° to +3°
Width 21.5in (53.4cm)

"My stance gives me the most carving power. On the surf series I increase my angles to get a more directional drive. I’ll leave the back foot at 0 when i’m riding the Aviator in the park for more control taking off switch." - Jimmy Goodman

Forrest Shearer

Forrest Shearer is freeride zen master who brings his surf style to technical backcountry lines.

Height 5’10" (178cm)
Front +26° / Back +0°
Width 21in (53.4cm)

"I look at my stance like the radio. You have to keep tuning and looking for what fits the mood. I try and adjust my stance angles a little bit throughout the season to keep my mind fresh. It’s good to keep learning and adapting as a rider and adjusting your stance can help that." - Forrest Shearer

Harry Kearney

Harry Kearney is an all-mountain wizard with a habit of winning banked slalom events.

Height 5’11" (180cm)
Front +18° / Back 0°
Width 22in (55.8cm)

"I never change angles. I read that Nicolas Mueller rode these angles in an old interview and have gone with that stance ever since. I feel like my stance rides mostly directional, but 0 in back makes switch doable." - Harry Kearney

Taylor Carlton

Taylor Carlton is an all-mountain master with serious freestyle, carving and backcountry skills.

Height 5’10" (178cm)
Front +12° / Back -3°
Width 21in (53.4cm)

"I like having a little bit of a duck stance because it allows me to ride switch comfortably. It also makes squatting out tricky landings easier. I usually don’t change my stance. I keep it the same for everything so I always feel comfy on my setup." - Taylor Carlton

Ryland Bell

Ryland Bell is a hard charging freerider who loves to ride fast, hit cliffs and slay spine lines.

Height 6’0" (183cm)
Front +21° / Back -15°
Width 24in (61cm)

"I never change my stance. I’ve just always ridden this way. The wide, duck stance keeps me stable at any speed." - Ryland Bell

Stances summary

Learn how to find your ideal stance width and angles plus how stance effects balance and turn performance here:

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