Introducing the 2021 Ultra Series

The ultimate balance of weight and performance

August 20, 2020 / Gear release
Sammy Luebke / Photo - Andrew Miller

The performance of your snowboard should never hold you back. No matter your riding skills, you deserve a board that gives you the confidence to not only ride at your assumed limit, but also push the boundaries of your perceived abilities. The performance of your snowboard should inspire you to take your riding to the next level.

If you’re an expert rider, pushing your snowboarding to the next level is serious business. Whether you’re riding more exposed terrain, or just riding faster, the harder you charge, the higher the consequences. The Jones Ultra Series is our board collection that’s built for the expert rider who’s riding style demands a board they can trust their life to. All six of the Ultra series models are designed to offer unmatched performance so you can fully commit to the fall line with no hesitation.

The Ultra Series includes four solid models and two splitboard models. All six of the models are built with our most advanced materials and construction techniques including superlight wood cores, flax/basalt or carbon fiber stringers and our exclusive Fusion Carbon construction. The one difference between the Ultra solid models and the splitboard models is how much the board design focuses on weight vs. performance. The Ultra splitboard models are weight sensitive, the solid models are not.

Nick Russell / Photo – Andrew Miller

Ultra Series splitboards

Ultracraft Split and Ultra Solution.

Our Ultra series splitboards are designed to be lightweight, without sacrificing performance and durability. To accomplish this, we test every inch of these models to precisely position materials exactly where they are needed, while eliminating all excess materials. The results have been revolutionary.

"Our goal with the Ultra series splitboards is to balance weight, stability and durability. We can’t just focus on weight because the boards must hold up to heavy use and be ready to handle all conditions. These splits are built for big days in the mountains, and big days always means you’ll be riding through a wide variety of conditions."

– Jeremy Jones

The Ultracraft Split is available in two sizes: 156 and 160cm.

Ultracraft Split

The high alpine assault split.

The Ultracraft Split is one of the lightest, most technically capable splitboards on the planet. Despite it’s featherweight, the Ultracraft is rock solid on descent as the directional rocker nose delivers epic float while the stubby, stiff tail offers powerful board control. We’ve completely redesigned the Ultracraft Split for 2021 by adding a 3D Contour Base 3.0, new materials and updated Fusion Carbon construction. The 3D Contour Base makes every turn more effortless and the new construction blends a new wood core with multiple layers of carbon stringers to deliver our most damp and responsive Ultracraft Split yet. The Ultracraft Split also features the Boltless Bridge and Karakoram Ultra Clips plus Tip Lock Tip Clips for unmatched torsional board lock and Inner/Outer Traction Tech 3.0 for added edge grip going up or down.

Sammy Luebke / Photo - Andrew Miller
I love how the Ultracraft Split walks uphill and rides downhill. It feels noticeably lighter, but rides like a normal splitboard.

- Jeremy Jones

The Ultra Solution is available in five sizes: 158, 161, 162W, 164, 165W, cm.

Ultra Solution

The backcountry line bomber.

Previously named the Carbon Solution, the Ultra Solution is built for powerful riders who like to throttle turns at top speed and push the limits of what’s possible in the backcountry. The Ultra Solution features a directional freeride shape, directional rocker profile and a stiff flex that makes it the most stable, damp and responsive split in the Jones line. We’ve completely redesigned the Ultra Solution’s shape for 2021 by adding more taper and a 3D Contour Base 3.0. The tapered shape sinks the tail in pow for better float and the 3D Contour Base makes every turn more effortless. For added response the Ultra Solution is built with an Ultra core, an Ash Veneer topsheet and 2x Carbon stringers. The Ultra Solution also features the Boltless Bridge and Karakoram Ultra Clips plus Tip Lock Tip Clips for unmatched torsional board lock and Inner/Outer Traction Tech 3.0 for added edge grip going up or down.        

Fusion Carbon construction

Both the Ultracraft Split and the Ultra Solution feature our exclusive Fusion Carbon construction. This cutting edge board lay-up process reduces board weight and improves durability by combining board materials in two stages. We start by fusing together multiple layers of aerospace grade carbon fiber and a wood core using as little epoxy as possible. After curing, these internal board layers are then pressed in between a base and topsheet, once again using as little epoxy as possible. By stabilizing the internal layers prior to the final moulding stage and reducing heavy epoxy volume, Fusion Carbon construction produces the most damp, durable and responsive snowboards we’ve ever tested.

Ultra Base

The Ultracraft Split and Ultra Solution also feature our hyperfast ULTRA base. This base was designed for World Cup race skis and we are the only snowboard manufacturer allowed to use it. Both lab and on-snow testing has shown that the Ultra Base has 25% better wax absorption, better glide in warm/wet snow and better durability for grinding. One of the reasons the Ultra Base is so fast is because it’s impregnated with multiple wax types that cover a wide range of temperature conditions.

"You don’t know what you’re missing until you get on an Ultra Base. It’s not just this p-tex number or phantom tech. The Ultra Base is a legit World Cup race base. The fastest p-tex available. As a snowboarder you quickly realize a fast base vs. a slow base. The speed of your base can be the difference between having to unbuckle and hike or making it through a flat section. I’m constantly amazed when I ride an Ultra Base. You can instantly feel the difference."

– Jeremy Jones

Ultra Series solid boards

Ultra Flagship, Ultracraft, Ultra Mountain Twin and Ultra Mind Expander.

The Ultra Series solid boards are built for performance. Period. They are the boards of choice for Jones team riders like Sammy Luebke, Mat Schaer and Ryland Bell who ride fast every run and seek out the biggest hits on the mountain.

"For the Ultra solid series, we are strictly focused on performance. No matter how hard you charge down the mountain, the Ultra solid models will be right there for you. Ultra solid boards are not weight focused because they are designed to be ridden super powerfully. A light weight board is counter productive when it comes to really charging. You need a dense board with some substance to it if you want to really hammer through mixed conditions at top speed."

– Jeremy Jones

The Ultra Flagship is available in five sizes: 158, 161, 162W, 164 and 165W cm.

Ultra Flagship

Only for the expert freerider.

Previously named the Carbon Flagship, the Ultra Flagship is a seriously stiff, competition-ready freeride board designed to crush steep terrain at top speed. Built with new Fusion Carbon construction, the Ultra Flagship features a 3D Contour Base 3.0, a new Ash wood veneer topsheet plus multiple layers of carbon stringers that offer supreme stability at speed and eliminate chatter in rough snow. The Ultra Flagship’s tapered shape sinks the tail in pow for better float and quicker turns and the Power Core and Traction Tech 3.0 edges deliver unmatched torsional response and edge control. The Ultra Flagship also features our Ultra Base and new Float Pack inserts that give you the option of a super setback stance on the deepest days.

The Ultracraft is available in three sizes: 152, 156 and 160 cm.


The cold smoke rocketship.

The Ultracraft is a high performance alternative freeride board that carves piste and rips pow like a race board. Featuring the same shape as the Hovercraft, only built with premium materials, the Ultracraft has no top speed railing a turn in smooth snow. The rocker nose delivers epic float in pow while the stubby, stiff tail and long sidecut offer powerful board control when moving fast. The 3D Contour Base 3.0 features a spooned nose and tail edges for improved float plus turn fluidity. The Ultracraft also features our Ultra Core for lightweight pop and a Flax Topsheet plus Basalt Power Stringers for supreme torsional response, reduced board chatter and improved sustainability.

The Ultra Mountain Twin is available in eight sizes: 154, 156W, 157, 159W, 160, 162W, 163 and 165W cm.

Ultra Mountain Twin

The freeride focused twin.

The Ultra Mountain Twin is a lean and mean directional twin freestyle board built with speed boosting, chatter sucking premium materials. It’s designed for the expert freerider who likes to throw big tricks outside the terrain park. We’ve completely redesigned the shape of the Ultra Mountain Twin for 2021 by adding a more blunted tip profile, a 3D Contour Base 2.0 and Traction Tech 3.0 edges. The blunted tips reduce weight, Traction Tech keeps you locked in on firm snow and the 3D Contour Base makes every turn more effortless. Balanced rocker in the tip and tail deliver serious float in pow while camber underfoot gives the Ultra Mountain Twin snap and hold on hard pack. The Sintered 9900 base provides the speed boost you need to go big off any feature and the Flax/Basalt Power Stringers + new Ash Veneer topsheet provide the stability to stomp. The new Ultra Twin also has added stance options with our new Freestyle/Freeride Stance Pack.

The Ultra Mind Expander is available in four sizes: 150, 154, 158 and 162 cm.

Ultra Mind Expander

The alternative all-mountain charger.

The Ultra Mind Expander is a super charged alternative all-mountain board designed for high speed slashing and freeriding. We stepped up the top speed of the playful Mind Expander by adding camber, premium materials and a stiffer flex to the Ultra Mind Expander. Directional rocker nose + tail, camber underfoot and Traction Tech 3.0 give the Ultra unmatched float and edge hold while the Ash wood veneer topsheet, Basalt Power stringers, Power Core and Triax Carbon Innegra suck up chatter in rough terrain. The Ultra shares the standard Mind Expander’s 3D Contour Base 3.0 and hybrid directional shape. The blunted nose, full size tail and tight sidecut offer the nimble maneuverability of a directional board matched with the freestyle abilities of a directional twin. New for 2021, the Ultra Mind Expander has Carve Pack inserts that offer the option of a more centered stance for ripping hard pack.

Project X

Flyweight all-mountain razor.

The all new Project X is a hybrid all-mountain board that rides smooth and powerful like a luxury sports sedan. Jones’ Snowboard Engineer Xavier Nidecker completely redesigned the Project X for 2021 using a new shape, new materials and our new Fusion Carbon construction. The Project X shares a shape with our new Stratos model and features 10mm of taper, a narrow sidecut and a 3D Contour Base 3.0. The tapered shape drops the tail in pow for more float and the 3D Contour Base, narrow sidecut and mid-stiff flex offer the perfect balance of turn performance and stability at speed. The directional rocker profile and Traction Tech 3.0 keep the Project X locked on edge accelerating into carves and two layers of carbon stringers add torsional response and reduce board chatter in rough terrain. The Project X also features our new Float Pack inserts that offer a setback stance option for the deepest days.

Jimmy Goodman / Photo - Andrew Miller

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