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Inspired snowboards for inspired youth

August 15, 2020 / Gear release
Cass Jones & Jeremy Jones / Photo - Andrew Miller

Kids are ripping harder than ever. From expert runs at any resort to the X-Games, youth riders around the world are charging down mountains with more confidence, control and technique than many experienced adult riders. But despite the sky rocketing talent of so many young rippers, the quality of available youth snowboards has not kept pace. Most youth boards on the market are still designed for the first time rider. 

The Jones Youth Series shatters this paradigm that youth don’t need a high performance snowboard. All of our youth models feature the same top quality materials and offer the same groundbreaking performance as our adult models.

“I ride with kids all the time and the riding level of a kid who is putting in 20-50 days a year is really high. Their bodies are still made of rubber and they are not afraid to charge in mediocre conditions so in many ways their equipment demands are even greater than adults. Offering these committed young riders our hardest charging boards had to happen. The kids are the future and that the future will be better if the kids are charging!”

– Jeremy Jones

For 20/21 we’re excited to debut our most advanced Youth Series yet. The Youth Series is a four board collection including the new Youth Flagship and Youth Solution plus the Mini Mind Expander and the Prodigy. 

The Youth Flagship is available in five sizes: 127, 132, 137, 142 and 147 cm.

Youth Flagship

The ultimate youth freeride board.

The new Youth Flagship is a high performance freeride board for youth and small adults who want to confidently explore advanced terrain. Unlike most twin-tipped youth boards, the Youth Flagship features a proven directional shape that offers legit freeride performance on steeps and off piste. The Youth Flagship has a directional rocker profile that excels in variable resort conditions and a tapered directional shape that sinks the tail in pow for better float and glide. The Youth Flagship also features a 3D Contour Base 1.0 that helps eliminate edge catch and improve turn fluidity and Traction Tech 3.0 edges for added grip on icy runs. For speed and durability, the Youth Flagship is built with a blazing fast Sintered 8000 base. 

Cass Jones / Photo - Greg Weaver
We’re thrilled to offer this new Flagship shape that we’ve spent so much time refining to the kids. The nose stays above all the crud and the crust which makes snowboarding so much easier for them. Kids don’t have the power to struggle to keep their nose up. Eliminating the nose catch allows them to ride more centered so when they dive into their turns they are on their front foot which means they are making better turns. After testing the Youth Flagship with my kid there was no getting him back on a twin-tip board. It’s a whole different universe. The new Flagship is the ultimate freeride shape for any size rider. 

- Jeremy Jones

The Youth Solution is available in three sizes: 137, 142 and 147 cm.

Youth Solution

The premiere youth splitboard.

The new Youth Solution is a high performance splitboard designed for youth and small adults. This fully featured splitboard throws open the door for smaller riders to confidently ride advanced backcountry terrain and explore the wilderness. The Youth Solution has a directional rocker profile that excels in the inevitably variable backcountry snow conditions and a tapered directional shape that sinks the tail for better float in pow. The Youth Solution also features a 3D Contour Base 1.0 that helps eliminate edge catch and improve turn fluidity and Inner/Outer Traction Tech 3.0 edges for added grip on icy skin tracks or firm descents. For speed and durability, the Youth Solution is built with a blazing fast Sintered 8000 base and the Boltless Bridge plus Karakoram Split and Tip + Tail Clips. 

"Some people think splitboarding is all about riding perfect pow. I wish it was true, but the reality is, you better be ready to deal with a wide variety of conditions when you go touring in the backcountry. The Youth Solution is a huge step up in splitboard performance for the kids as it features all the same technology as our adult splits that make it perfect for charging in mixed conditions."

– Jeremy Jones

The Mini Mind Expander is available in two sizes: 130 and 138 cm.

Mini Mind Expander

The ultimate youth pow board.

The Mini Mind Expander is a unique surf-inspired shred stick built for youth with the skills to draw creative lines down the mountain. Designed by surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones, the Mini Mind Expander features a Christenson surf rocker profile and a blunted nose for epic float in pow plus a full sized tail for legit freestyle performance. 

The unique shape is matched with a short sidecut for snappy turn performance and a little wider waist width so the board can be ridden shorter. Youth who can confidently link turns and are looking to blaze their own tracks into the powder deserve this board. New for 2021, the Mini Mind Expander is built with our ultra fast and durable Sintered 8000 base. 

Jude Ondercin / Photo - Andrew Miller
Riding on deep powder days with the family used to be really frustrating for my kids. My wife and I would be floating effortlessly on our Surf Series boards while the kids would be flailing on their twin-tips fighting to keep their nose up. The Mini Mind Expander was a total game changer for them. Once I got them on that shape they no longer had to fight to stay afloat which made riding pow exponentially more fun for the whole family.

- Jeremy Jones

The Prodigy is available in eight sizes: 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140 and 145 cm.


The epic youth all-mountain board.

The Prodigy is our all-mountain directional twin built for hard-charging kids. Most kids boards are made with very basic materials and are designed for first-time riders. Not the Prodigy. The Prodigy features the same premium materials and performance features as Jones’ adult models and offers quick learning young riders a solid foundation to keep progressing their skills. The spooned nose+tail edges on the Prodigy’s 3D Contour Base 1.0 allow for fluid ‘no catch’ turn initiation while the CamRock profile keeps the board floating in any snow condition. The Prodigy is also designed to be a little narrower than most other kids boards so small-footed riders can learn to rail turns with the board up on edge. New for 2021, the Prodigy is available in one bigger size, 135cm. 

"The Prodigy is an awesome one board quiver for kids. It looks more freestyle focused, but it’s really stable in all conditions so you can ride it anywhere. We spent a lot of time perfecting the flex to make an easy-to-turn board that has a stiffer nose and tail so the kids don’t fold the nose in uneven terrain."

– Jeremy Jones

Mia Jones / Photo - Greg Weaver

As both a father and a board designer, Jeremy Jones has been thrilled to bring this high performance youth collection to life.

Developing the Youth Series has been really fun. I ride a lot with kids, both my own and their friends, so I know how they ride. You can watch a kid improve before your eyes by putting them on a different board. It’s been super rewarding to design these new youth models that allow kids to improve so fast and have even more fun on the mountain.

- Jeremy Jones

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