Excavator Carbon shovel

Ultralight backcountry tool
Ideal for light and fast backcountry travel
Shovel features & specs
- Full Size: 69cm
- Blade Size: 23.5cm/24cm
- Handle Shape: T
- Made in Europe
- Shaft material: carbon
- Shaft geometry: round
- Shaft size: 46cm
- Blade material: 1.5mm anodized aluminium
- Weight: 377g

The Excavator Carbon Shovel is an ultralight backcountry tool built for light and fast alpine missions.

Featuring a streamlined yet high volume anodized aluminum blade and a single section carbon shaft, you’ll barely notice the weight of the Excavator Carbon in your backcountry pack. The Excavator Carbon’s 49cm long carbon shaft is a functional length for moving snow fast yet short enough to fit in any backpack. For unshakable grip or changing hand positions, the Excavator Carbon is outfitted with an ergonomic symmetrical T-handle.