Free friction snowboarding

3D Contour Bases

Free friction snowboarding

3D Contour Bases

Next level technology for ultimate response

Nobody wants a choppy or rough run. The descents you dream about are dynamic and smooth. Inspired by the rounded bottom contours of surfboards, 3D Contour Bases are designed to make every run smoother and every turn more effortless by reducing the drag of the board tips. 3D Contour Bases enhance glide and improve float, helping you ride faster and with better flow.

On a surfboard, the subtle shaping of the nose is what makes the entry into a turn so smooth and fluid. The feeling of an effortless surf turn is what inspired the development of our 3D Contour Bases. Instead of having to abruptly tip the board into a turn, 3D Contour Bases let you roll your edge into a turn. I've been on a quest to design a snowboard that offers the free friction glide and edge-to-edge fluidity of a surfboard for years. 3D Contour Bases cracked the code on how to achieve this next level of board performance.

- Jeremy Jones

Making splitboards with 3D Contour Bases has been a monster undertaking. When we thought of the idea a couple of years back, we questioned whether it would ever be possible. Thanks to the full commitment of our engineers, we solved our biggest manufacturing challenge yet. The dream is now a reality and splitboard performance just took a huge leap forward. Once I started riding a new Solution with a 3D Contour Base, I could not go back.

- Jeremy Jones


3D Contour Bases enhance glide. The smooth radius of the nose and tail edges reduce friction at the contact points. With less friction and catch in the tips, you can maintain more speed.


3D Contour Bases deliver unmatched turn flow and fluidity. Just like the nose and tail on a surfboard, the rounded tip and tail edges eliminate catch as you transfer pressure edge-to-edge. Turn initiation is effortless because you can roll the board on to the edge instead of tip the board on to the edge. Once on edge, camber and Traction Tech lock in your turn.


When a board has good float, it should feel effortless to keep your nose up through pow, crud or crust. 3D Contour Bases improve float by reducing the "plow effect" of your nose and tail edges. Instead of plowing through the snow, the rounded edges smoothly deflect the snow to the sides of the board which pops your nose up without having to lean back and burn out your back leg.

How it works

1. Center

The center of the board is perfectly flat with no spoon bevel on the edges between the contact points. The flat base allows instantaneous edge engagement between the feet when you lean into a turn.

2. Contact points

The spoon bevel starts at the contact point. The bevel increased very gradually so there is not an abrupt transition between the flat center of the board and the raised tip and tail edges.

3. Nose and tail edges

The spoon bevel is most defined at the tip and tail of the board. The rounded edges at the tips reduce edge catch and drag.

Riding flat

When riding flat, the spoon bevel on the edges is not engaged, but it does help smoothly deflect snow away from the nose of the board.

Turn initiation

As you begin to make a turn, the spoon bevel helps you smoothly roll the board on to your egde with less friction and edge drag.


In the middle of a turn, camber and Traction Tech keep you locked onto your egde in the center of the board while the spoon bevel reduces the "plow effect" of your nose and tail edges.

Discover our 3D Contour Bases boards

Discover our 3D Contour Bases boards

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